Фон для Аккредитованная лаборатория радиационного контроля

Accredited Radiation Monitoring Laboratory

Accredited radiation control laboratory includes:

  • Testing of equipment based on the use of X-rays or alpha, beta, or gamma radiation;
  • Testing of X-ray installations (diagnostic, therapeutic, etc.);
  • Dosimetric control of X-ray equipment for various purposes;
  • Dosimetric control of radioisotope devices (RID);
  • Individual dosimetric control;
  • Dosimetric control of territories;
  • Dosimetric control of scrap metal;
  • Control of surface contamination with radioactive particles;
  • Dosimetric and radiation control of production premises and workplaces of personnel;
  • Dosimetric and radiation control of industrial, residential, and public buildings and structures.

The radiation control laboratory is accredited in the national accreditation system. The unique registration number in the registry of accredited persons is RA.RU.21AZ87. More