Фон для Транспортировка опасных грузов 7-го класса

Transportation of hazardous materials of class 7

Organization of transportation by specialized transport

  • Accepting applications
  • Transportation road development
  • Coordination with regulatory authorities
  • Transportation in accordance with the requirements of ADR
  • Cargo marking according to ADR
  • Timely delivery

Arrangement of air transportation for hazardous cargo

  • Accepting applications
  • Coordination with regulatory authorities
  • Dosimetric control, cargo marking
  • Timely delivery
  • Control of cargo movement along the entire route

Organisation of customs clearance

  • Preparation of shipping documents
  • Escorting cargo during customs clearance
  • Operational interaction with customs authorities
  • Organisation of cargo declaration
  • Support of registration until the release of the customs declaration

Organization of hazard class 7 transits

  • We provide a certified vehicle with the certificate of approval of the road vehicle for the carriage of goods under customs seals at the time specified by the customer
  • Preparation of permits for travel through the country of transit
  • Physical protection of cargo
  • Documentary support of the vehicle to the customs destination

Organisation of export and import