UKTIIA Model 940

UKTIIA Model 940

The UKTIIA Model 940 is used for the storage and transportation of sealed radioactive sources emitting neutron radiation based on plutonium-238, plutonium-239, americium-241. Hydrocarbon composition serves as radiation protection.

This UKT is supplied in two configurations, M and P, upon the customer's request. It is used in the oil production industry and geological exploration activities.

The transportation of radioactive materials is carried out by all modes of transport without restrictions. It is used for air transportation in the cargo compartments of passenger aircraft, adhering to the requirements of international air transport (IATA).


M - 554 mm / P - 510 mm


M - 512 mm / P - 600 mm


M - 540 mm / P - 669 mm


M - 80 kg / P - 100 kg