Mobile storage

Mobile storage

Designed for storing radioisotopic devices and specialized containers (Type A, B packaging) containing sealed sources of ionizing radiation. They can be used for storing:

  • Gamma flaw detectors
  • Gamma and neutron well-logging tools
  • Reload containers for servicing radioisotopic devices
  • Gamma source blocks
  • Other radioisotopic devices

Radiation protection devices (RPDs) in the mobile storage are in the form of safes with lids and provide biological protection against neutron and gamma radiation. The internal dimensions of the RPD are determined by the overall dimensions of the containers or devices intended for placement. The shielding thickness ensures an equivalent dose rate on the surface of the RPD not exceeding 12 µSv/h and on the external wall of the storage not exceeding 1 µSv/h.

Equipment of the mobile storage includes:

  • Fire alarm system;
  • Security alarm system;
  • Power supply system;
  • Internal lighting;
  • Electric heating system;
  • Exhaust ventilation;
  • Lifting mechanism.

The mobile storage is equipped with an anti-vandal metal door measuring 1000 x 2000 mm. A beam for attaching a manual or electric hoist is installed on the ceiling. Mobile storages can be equipped with alarm systems, video surveillance, etc., with internet access and the possibility of remote control.