BGS-90A P1V2

BGS-90A P1V2

Gamma Source Blocks (GSBs) are utilized as part of radioisotopic devices for technological control and automation in various industries. They are designed for use in assembling radioisotopic devices, densitometers, thickness gauges, level gauges, etc., to shape the radiation beam from the enclosed gamma source in the desired direction and to protect the operating personnel from radiation exposure.

The GSBs have a valid certificate-approval for the design, packaging, and transportation. They can be configured with slotted and conical beam apertures, designed to shape the radiation beam in the desired direction in vertical and horizontal planes. This allows not only detecting the presence but also measuring various levels of the measured environment.


390 мм


280 мм


315 мм


115 кг

Thickness of protection

90 мм